Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fall Winter 07 Part Two

I was out of town for the weekend so I couldn't post but here's the rest...

Karen Walker

Thirties comic book superheroine was Karen Walker's inspiration. You could see how the inspiration reflected the outfits but she didn't take it too far. She wasn't afraid to use colours, prints and graphics.

The prints were fun, both on the shirt (left) and tights (right). The blue circle shaped sunglasses were unusual. I loved the wide leg jeans which we've been seeing on celebrities lately.
How cool is that bright blue and red anorak? The graphic brings life to otherwise not so interesting dress on right.


Christopher Lemaire, Lacoste's creative director, says his aim is to make clothes that are precise, refined and luxurious. With these words said I think he has accomplished that pretty well.
I personally like darker jeans (left) more than white washed - they're more basic but still trendy. It was unuasal to pair them with rain boots. I'm dying to get a cosy knit sweater similiar to this in center, and it's a great change to pair it with a shirt. I'll also try to find a a coat in lighter colours like this one on right since it's just so much black going on.

Lela Rose

It was sporty in a stylish way. She used just the right amount of prints and strong colours - mixed them with gray, black and white.
These cropped gray pants are great to pair with loose tops, because they're rather thight so it's the right proportion. I love how the yellow belt (right) makes so much different to the dress.
The jacket is a little bit sporty (center) but the glam pants bring some glamourusness to it. The skirt and top (right) is really feminine and the colours are really neutral and light.


Luella Bartley is definitly one of my favourite designers. And as always the inspiration was very British.

I don't know how I feel about the riding boots (left), the designer described them as "very London street vibe". The velvet fabric hasn't been very popular on the runways the past years but the red cropped pants and the blazer (center) were really cool. The bow shirt under the tuxedo (right) made it more feminine and womanly. The fur hats were very russian - I'm sure they give a lot of warm in the winter.
The pink on the dress and on the jeans is really beautiful, not that neon bright pink and not the baby pink, just the perfect shade. I can't dare myself to wear those coloured jeans - especially the ones in daring colours like pink (center), bright blue and bright red. The russian military inspiration shows well on the bag (right) and in a more bright colour on the pink bag (center).

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is the king of layers and this season was no exception. He used a lot of earth colours like gray and brown, with plaids and knits.

Cosy sweaters were tucked into the cropped, wide pants - and the belt used to define the waist.

I really liked the thick rib tights which were in white and gray, they were then paired with wool socks. There were a lot of plaids - big plaids, as seen on the dress to right.

Peter Som

The outfits seemed to be more day looks than evening looks as there were oversized knits, slim pants and short dresses. Gray was the main colour with black and white and a hint of purple and prints.
He mixed different fabrics together, like knits with silk (left) and knits with leather (center). The criss-cross shoes unusal and they were both paired with pants and dresses.

It seems he's not a fan of thights as all the dresses were shown on bare legs. But the dresses were very beautiful in light and flowy fabrics.

"It's about a bell shape. Controlled volume. Black and white—and color to put the life in." Donatella Versace said about the collection. The clothes emphasized the waist and hips - the womanly figure.
A glamourus minimalism is probably the perfect word to describe the outfits.

Red, blue and green - the basic colours shown in a perfect shade.
Zac Posen
Black was the main colour, but to make it interesting it was in different textures.
The purple shirt underneath the blazer is in a really beautiful colour - it's perfect to layer the black blazer over such a strong colour and just get a peek at the shirt on the sleeves and the chest.

Puffy dresses managed to look feminine as they were short and baring at the chest.


alluretone said...

i love Versace's fall collection, everything looks glamourous and sexy. the pants and the shoes from the m by mj collection are pretty desirable too.

Elle said...

I love lacoste and marc jacobs so wearable, and marc's is like twisted preppy soo great for fall.