Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hairtrends for Summer

Since summer has officially started, I'm posting a few hairtrends that were seen on the spring and summer runways. From relaxed to sleek to wild cloud hair.

First are wavy locks. They aren't new or anything but they seem to be even more casual than before. The look's relaxed and effortless.

Partings were often to the side and the hair was shiny and healthy. It was both taken back to a loose ponytail or in a neat bun.

This was a popular trend, hair looked like clouds; frothy, oversized and over backcombed.

Costume Institute Gala

Everyone's posting photos and opinions about the Costume Institute Gala, so I wanted to join and post a few of my favorite dresses worn by some lovely young ladies.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Greecian Dresses

Well, I'm back and I want to start by apologizing for the lack of posting. And thank everyone for the lovely comments, it's amazing to know that people are looking forward to new posts!

But on with the fashion. I loved all the Greecian inspired dresses on the spring/summer runways. The draping and light fabrics make me think of ancient Greecian goddesses. The beautiful dresses came in all versions for spring; maxi length, knee-length, short, one-shoulder. The thing that I love about them is the femininity - the way they hug the curves. And if the shape is too wide, a waist belt can be a great way to make more drapes and chinch the waist. They were both in earthy tones and pastels, with bright colors in between. There's a lot of variety and the look is easy to copy. Though the dresses can be a little fancy they should also been worn on a sunny summerday with flats and a smile!