Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I've been feeling so guilty lately, because I haven't been able to update the blog like I would've wanted. I'm feeling a bit better at the moment since I just made post, but I'm going on a holiday for two weeks - so while I'll be soaking up the sun on the beach ;)... I wont be able to blog. But I am going to post as much as I can when I come back. I have many ideas for posts, but for now check out the post below and comment if you like. So, Adios!

The British It Girls

Peaches & Pixie Geldof

Daughters of rocker Bob Geldof have become famous socialites in the London party scene. Their wardrobe essential are black nylon tights which they pair with mini dresses and high waisted shorts and skirts.

Alexa Chung

A television presenter, actress and former model. She has a bit quirky style, she’s always pretty casual. I would say it’s indie fashion in the style of Kirsten Dunst.

Daisy Lowe

She’s the daughter of fashion designer Pearl Lowe and singer Gavin Rossdale. At 18 she already has some modelling experience under her belt as the new face Agent Provocateur.

Alice Dellal

Her mother is Andrea Dellal, a former brazilian model, and her father is a British millionaire. She’s only 19, but has developed an incredible unique style, that many relate to grunge.

Agyness Deyn

The beautiful Agyness is one of the top british models at the moment. She has a fun style as she mixes high fashion with nu-rave and a bit of punk.

I think these London socialites are a good change from the Hollywood it girls like Lindsay and Mischa. I personally like these girls’ style way more - vintage mixed with desginer, it’s a bit casual but chic at the same time. I also love how they dress straight from their personality, not just wearing it because the designer gave them the clothes. Tell me what you think of their style, and if you know about some other stylish Brit girls!

Photo sources: The Fashion Spot, My Style Opera Blog, The Daily Mail

Friday, October 5, 2007

Backstage at the SS08 Shows

I think I'm not gonna make a big review of the SS08 shows for now. I'm gonna focus on buying winter items the next months, and then I think it's a good thing to do a biiig review maybe in March or something, just when I'm getting into summer spirit. I hope it's okay with you readers! But for know, I really enjoy looking at backstage photos from the shows. Seeing what the models are wearing at the moment. I get my inspiration for shopping mostly from looking at what other people are wearing - street style blogs, magazines and the streets. These photos of the models are all from the SS08 shows from september and now in october. So enjoy, and I hope you'll get some ideas and inspiration!

Grey, grey, grey! Casual cardigans, sweaters and coats.

Bare legs aren't going anywhere, at least if you live somewhere warm (which is not the case for me). I love the sleeves on the white t-shirt Alison is wearing, very in the style of Ashley Olsen.

Casual white t-shirt, black blazer or a cardigan and a slouchy bag - so simple but a perfect combination.

It seems like black skinnies aren't going anywhere, for now at least. They're are a must in every closet, such a save choice and they match with almost everything.

A vest can make such a different to an outfit. I especially love Iekeliene's black vest with the cute pink dress. Magdalena's more casual in a beige one with denim shorts.

Oversized cardigan or a trench coat are a perfect coverage over a sleeveless minidress. Check out the boots Anja and Caroline are wearing, they make a cute dress more edgy.

I'm in love with slightly oversized t-shirts. Everything from eye popping print to a neutral one.

Agyness's outfits are always edgy and full of energy. She's such a cool person and it really shows through her clothes. She somehow get's it right, she never looks like she's trying too hard.

Jessica Stam's t-shirts say it all.

Photo courtesy of style.com