Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Light Washed Denim

Designers showed a lot of light washed denim for spring. I think it's more suitable for summer paired with the sheer fabrics, florals and all the romance.

Alexander Wang showed denim with denim, which I would not like unless it's done in a light color. It somehow looked right. Christopher Kane kept things raw with a cropped denim jacket and some see through. Karen Walker's denim dress is a bit darker than the other two and a safer choice.

I don't think this trend will get overly popular, but with these young and talented designers, which collections have been praised, it's certainly going to be tried. We've already seen a few celebs wear it, like Sophia Bush, who stepped out in light wide leg jeans. It is a hard look since it's not as slimming as darker shades, but definitely more interesting for those sunny days.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bambi & Batman

Designers included a bit of humour into their spring/summer 08 shows

Cartoon characters: Bambi at Giles and Vivienne Westwood / Spongebob Squarepants at Louis Vuitton.
Superheroes: Batman at Luella
Animals: Horses at D&G / Dolphins at Stella McCartney

Shopping the Star Trend

Upper row, from left: Petite Star Print Dress $65 from Asos, Star Print Tie Neck Blouse $54 from Asos, Star Print Mini Ra-Ra Skirt $54 from Asos.

Row below, from left: Star Print Tea Dress $82 from Asos, Julie Brown Sophia Dress $152 from Revolve Clothing, Star Print Shirt £35 from Topshop.

Monday, March 17, 2008


In the Chanel show for spring and summer, Karl Lagerfeld showed a lot of star prints mixed with red and white stripes. It all had this american dream vibe. Stars are now a big trend - designers like Karen Walker included a dress with mini star print in her summer collection. When they are done in print, stars have a playfull - almost childish attitude.

At Yves Saint Laurent stars played a huge part, mostly in detailing and embellishment. They were on belts, in necklaces, as buttons, on shoes and so on. Matthew Williamson also included a necklace with stars in the Pucci line.

Now the fall/winter shows are over and though stars weren't as popular as in the spring shows, Giles included a navy dress with cut out stars. Definitely a new take on the star trend, and maybe a bit more raw and less youthful.

Check out the blog tomorrow for shopping the trend.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Crocodile Clutches

I've been obsessed with clutches lately, it is a huge trend afterall. The textures that I like the most are snakeskin and crocodile. It was seen on the spring/summer runways in a few different versions and celebrities have also been wearing this trend. I've seen them in a few high street stores but they often look pretty fake, especially when they're not in leather. I personally like the ones in vintage stores better. I'm loving colours like black, winered, navy and beige. For daytime I prefer them oversized and then a bit smaller for the evening.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Model Style

I love checking out the backstage photos of models on when the fashion weeks are over. I think models often have an amazing style, they mix perfectly together basic (cheaper) pieces with designer ones. They're outfits are casual with jeans and tights / oversized t-shirts and knit sweaters / biker jackets and blazer jackets / boots and scarves. The color pallette isn't that exciting with black, grey, white and other earthy, basic tones. I hope you'll get some inspiration from these photos from New York, Milan and Paris!

Sorry about the icelandic on the photos. I guess everybody understood, though.

Burberry's Fall Collection

I'm in love with Burberry Prorsum Fall 08 collection.

the colors / the textures / the chunky jewelry / the grungy hats / the adorable oversized bags

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Favorites From Paris

Keywords: Sci-Fi / Spanish Drama / Film Noir / High-Tech / Traditional Jewelry

Keywords: Hard Rock / Punk / Leopard Prints / Body-Con / Embellishments

Keywords: Chiffon / Embroidery / Eyelet / Dreamy Floral Prints

Keywords: Sexy Dresses / Fabric Made of Strips / Pragmatic / Simplicity / Excessive Jewelry

Keywords: Sporty Ease / Cozy-Chic Knits / Loose Silhouettes / Heraldic Flag Prints / Broderie Anglaise

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Spring/Summer Trends

I know you've already seen all the 'Top trends for spring' in the magazines, but I've looked through countless amount of shows and choosen the best photos in my opinion on what are the best trends for spring/summer.

First is romance, whith feathers, frills and ruffles.

You probably know that florals will be big for spring, everything from Balenciaga's oversized florals to the small floral prints at Luella. Thakoon had an irregular print that's a bit different.

Sheer fabrics are a bit hard to copy in real life, but they were all over the runways. I really like when a strong colour is worn underneath a see through fabric, as seen at Jil Sander.

Flared skirts that embrace the waist are going to be the skirt trend for summer. They can be short or hit above the knee, and they have a lot of volume.

The fifth trend is the African inspiration (which I've posted about before), with the safari and tribal trends.

Belts were skinny on the runways, cinching the waist of wide shapes. They were often in brown shades and either knotted or folded.

I'm loving this trend, the cropped pants. They hit the ankle and were folded in most cases. They have a casual vibe to them.

Lastly it's the arty prints. Dresses almost looked like paintings.