Saturday, August 25, 2007

Copenhagen Fashion Week SS08

On the Copenhagen Fashion Week (August 8th-12th), big names in Denmark showed their Spring/Summer 2008 collections. Most of the collections were really feminine with classic and wearable pieces. Loose, soft fabrics were popular on the runways and neutral colours with a hint of both light and strong colours. Here are my favourite pieces from the fashion shows in Copenhagen.

Baum und Pferdgarten

They showed beautiful colour combination in short dresses and skirts. Neutral colours were mixed with black, purple, gold and silver. Knee pads gave garments a quirky detail. Sleeves were voluminous on beautiful chiffon tunics. In mix with the chiffon there was shiny patent leather with a metallic sheen. Knee-high stockings in stilettoes and headbands topped it all.

Bruunz Bazaar

Bruunz Bazaar showed casual clothes in light fabrics. Colours like grey, black and cream white were great with mustard and energetic prints. Trench coats came in a few colour shades and were both paired with skinny pants and shown open with shorts. Blazer jackets toned down feminine pieces.

By Malene Birger

It was all city girl look at By Malene Birger. Accessories like hats, colourful gloves and geeky glasses. The colour palette included light colours in green, blue and yellow and strong orange with more classic colours and prints. I loved the futuristic ankleboots shown in black and white. Masculine in tuxedos and shirt dresses met feminine in high waist skirts, blouses, gemstones and flowy dresses.

Day Birger et Mikkelsen

Maxi dresses met short dresses. Legwarmers with flats. Large hats and berets. The outfits were all different. Glitter played up the neutral colours, black and light yellow.


Freja Beha opened the show in a casual t-shirt dress. Short baby doll dresses and satin balloon skirts looked cute on the runway. Denim was in a light shade and looked great on high waist cropped jeans (as seen in centre, below). The colour palette encompassed items divided between the futuristic and minimialistic. Strong orange, purple and a beatiful greenblue with white, black and beige.

Munthe plus Simonsen

A little bohemian feeling here, mini vests with maxi dresses and gypsy tops. Wide leg pants, shorts and bermudas were all seen in the show. I liked the energetic colours - mint green, purple and an orange/red colour.


My favourite collection in the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Belts were a big part of the outfits, either seen loose on the hips or defined on the waist. Both fitted and oversized cardigans in all colours were seen in the show. I loved the drainpipes in beige, black and other classic colours. Mild pastels played a big role in the show, in skirts, dresses and tunics.

I don't find the models all that special! At least not in the Bruunz Bazaar and the By Malene Birger shows. What do you think?

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Seraphine said...

Lovely coverage of Copenhagen. The use of color this year as an accent is delicious. Very classy styles- and you have a very classy blog.

coco said...

amazing post
all the pictures are so cool, so many looks to copy
and i love the sjp header

charley said...

hahaha yes i am 15 (fun age isnt it? lol) you live in iceland? that's really really far from where i live (Australia!) it must be really cold there! thanks for linking me. is the fashion scene big over in scandinavia? is english a second language to you? because your english is really good! thanks for commenting me, cya.

Juliet said...

Day Birger et Mikkelsen had best models , i think. Though you can't really say without seeing them walk.
Again you did a great post, you're becoming one of my favorite bloggers.

I really like danish fashion, inwear is really great, as well by malene birger and day birger et mikkelsen.
for me Rützou is a new name but i like it already

juliet xxx

penelope said...

thanks for d comment(: and i love Baum und Pferdgarten!!! haha!

anyhow thanks for d comment(: glad u loved the clothes!!

satin pump said...

very classy!!

kiss from france


Cris Lazoru said...

Loved this post, a great source for inspiration! My fave was By Malene Birger specially the orange gloves, black skirt and glasses look. Great post!


jackie ♥ said...

love those looks!


Jennifer said...

that first set of outfits is absolute perfection, I want all the clothes! Fantastic post, well researched as always!

lluviaschick said...

the colletions arent disspointed althougH i expected sth different (I just love danish style and one of my favourite fashion blogs is copenhagen street style) but it´s very wearable whch is good!

fashionistakay said...

i like a couple of outfits here and there fromt he first 2 collections. mostly the very first pic to the left, it's so prim and proper.
p.s.check out my new post!

Jennifer said...

I love all these outfits, but i've already told you that!

-S said...

love it!

nic said...

Love your picks!

alluretone said...

i like Bruunz Bazaar the best, the colors are very casual and nice.

Flashy_Shades said...

i just stumbled upon your site and am very impressed by it. keep up the good work!

discothequechic said...

Makes such a nice change from NY Fashion week posts!

I'm loving the long gloves at By Marlene Birger. Especially lovely in the orange.

Mannn, I love Copenhagen!

S xx

Diana Coronado said...


dianabobar said...

great looks!