Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Colour Bleed

From the moment I laid my eyes on Prada’s fall 07 bags I was hooked. The way the color faded from a strong shade of brown, almost black, to a more lighter shade, was just wonderful. This painterly technique of ‘dégradé’, when one colour bleeds to another, creates a big statement. Avoid wearing with patterns or emballishment as it will take the attention of the actual piece and make the outfit too ‘busy’.

The beautiful Prada bags come in different shapes and sizes, and are both available in soft leather and patent. The shoes are just as wonderful as the bags - it isn’t strange these chunky curved heels have made a big trend.

Miuccia Prada showed knee-length skirts and dresses in plain shapes. For added glam, navy blue faded into metallic gold.

At Jonathan Saunders’, dreamy colour combinations were paired with black to keep the look simple yet interesting.

Alberta Ferretti kept shades light and worked with shapes as in the dress in centre.

Marc Jacobs paired beautiful colours together at Louis Vuitton, and the result were pieces to-die-for. The silk skirt worn with cashmere is a perfect combination of colour and texture. The dress in centre has strong colours and a strong volume shape, a great statement piece.

To get the look for less, check out Urban Outfitters’ version of the colour bleed trend. They aren’t as glam as Louis Vuitton’s silk skirt or Jonathan Saunders’ dreamy dresses but they’re perfect for layering and reflect the trend perfectly. Top, from left, Heartbreaker Ombre Racerback $28; Lux Murray Street Babydoll $54; Twilight Blues Ombre Cardigan $62. Bottom, all, Sublimation Ombre Thermal $32.


Juliet said...

I love the trend. I'm waiting that I would find big, 'man-fitted' cardigan in grey's shades. that would be pure love.

juliet xxx

-S said...

Although i think they are a bit too futuristic for me, i really love the miu miu heels.

SICK. said...

degradé, which i knew as dipdye in my grade school years, was a terrible plague. it attacked regular clothing like cardigans and jeans and changed them into horrific neon monstrosities. they would 'fade' from hot pink to bubblegum pink. not so pleasant.
i never thought i would see the day where i actually enjoyed, yes, enjoyed, degradé.
the shows at louis vuitton and alberta ferretti changed my mind though.
i think the only way i'll ever like this trend is when it's done in subdued colours & neutrals.


Cordie said...

love that prada bag! color bleed is so nice for winter, it makes formal wear more wearable

Ana said...

i love the faded look-thanks for the uo versions.

my mom has the Prada heels with the odd heel...

Anonymous said...

i love prada's collection this season! the fading color is so different from anything i've seen so far!