Monday, January 7, 2008

Style and Wardrobe Inspiration

With all the sales, both in store and on the net, we can sometimes buy a little too much ‘just because it’s on sale’. I personally always try to buy classic, basic pieces that I know I can use for at least a few seasons. When I’m looking for something more trendy I first try to see if I find it at a more affordable price. If it’s something that is really this-season but still could work into the next season I’m more willing to splurge.
My style is a bit casual and can sometimes be a bit simple. But I do like statement pieces, colour and chunky jewellry to give life to my outfits, especially for the night.

A few of my favourites basic safe choices I always have:
- A V-neck t-shirt in white – slightly oversized. Preferably in grey too.
- Basic knits; a V-neck, cowl neck and an oversized cardigan.
- Black tights. Although leggings were a big trend for a few seasons I still kept my loyalty to the tights. I just think they’re more classy. And now that leggings are out and tights are in I’m getting different versins. They’ve come more of a statement, like grey rib tights or black with a bit of a metallic flair.
- The perfect pair of jeans that suit my body. Your basic, perfect pair of jeans should work with everything. You should not let the latest trends rule your decision, only use them as inspiration. When buying a classic pair of jeans, be ready to spend some money, as some of the cheaper jeans aren’t made of quality denim. Dark, unwashed denim is best for a classic pair.
- Casual day dresses in neutral colours (black, brown, grey...). They’re in soft and flowy fabrics and are great for change of seasons, since you can always wear long sleeve tees underneath and thick tights to make them warmer.
- The LBD. Everyone knows this, the little black dress is a must in every woman’s closet. It is perfect when you’re in an outfit crisis, and is always a safe choice.

These choices are something that I start with as my base and then I just build on that to make it more interesting. I’m not a big fan of colour, but I always try to wear some colour or if I’m wearing head-to-toe black I play with texture.


Ballet flats are adorable, chic and comfy for daytime. Although some strict fashionistas avoid being seen public in flats (ehm, Victoria Beckham) I really like them. They’re perfect with jeans and casual sun dresses, but you should not wear them with cocktail dresses. They’re not really dressy, so in most cases their not suitable for any fancy outfit. When it comes to heels I don’t like plain black stilettos. Don’t get me wrong, they’re okay, but I believe that shoes should be exciting. Of course thay can be black, but at least they should have some texture, something to make them interesting. When you’re wearing a classic LBD, you must wear attention grabbing shoes. The dress is not the main thing, so make the most out of it and wear a pair of stylish pumps.


For a normal day I often wear a printed scarf. I like the way it can spice up my outfit. I can be wearing only basics, and the outfits looks really boring, but the scarf brings the life too it.
As for jewellry, I don’t wear a lot of it during the day. Just some diamond stone earrings and maybe a thin gold chain necklace. For the night I’ll add a cuff or bangles and skip either the necklace or earrings. I don’t like wearing jewellry on wrist, fingers, neck and ears all at the same time.
In the handbag department, as I’m a student I can’t wear a structured handbag, so I choose a tote for the day. For the night I like clutches in all sizes, colours and shapes.

It depends on your style and what you like when it comes to jewellry and accessories. Some people don’t like wearing them and just want to keep things simple, while others pile on the jewellry.
If you are more fond of vintage and glamour, and like the styles of Mary-Kate Olsen and the stylist Rachel Zoe; vintage cuffs, gold chain necklaces, cocktail rings and diamond earrings are your kind of jewellry.
If you are more of a street chic and are more into less-is-more and casual style (think Lauren Conrad and Kate Bosworth); a scarf, jewelled stone earrings and a few bangles are probably your choices.


The tips I’ve been giving are something that many of you know already, but I really wanted to describe my style and show you what I like so you can get inspiration. Sometimes we’re stuck in the same trends, in the same routine of dressing. Trust me, I’m not perfect when it comes to my own style, but I'm always looking around me and seeking inspiration.
Inspiration is all around us. You can get it by following fashion shows and designers, reading magazines, check out what celebrites are wearing, watch other people’s style on the streets, go to vintage stores and flea markets, see what the high streets stores have to offer and so on. You don’t have to be a fashion victim or a fashion know-it-all to be stylish. You just have to look around you, because you can find inspiration in everyting!

I’d love it if you’d describe your style in a few words and tell me what are your basic choices, what are your splurges this season and where you get most of your inspiration from!


FashionQueen101 said...

great post!

English Rose said...

i agree with youur post, they are all great basics to have in youur wardrobe.

love youur blog, how do I link with youu?


SICK. said...

i lalaloooved this post.

& to answer your questions:
my style in a few words, that's a hard one, but i guess : chic parisian grunge. if that's possible !
basic choices: comfy cotton tops (american apparel for triblend raglans & sheer vnecks), black tights, dark rinse jeans, my big black faux-croc bag, pretty & bright flats.
splurges this season: ehm, fashion-wise i don't think i've dropped an unheard of amount of money. yet. we've yet to see ...
inspiration: old films, dreams, magazines, & fotolog. celebrities & streetstyle & runway, i guess you could say.


-S said...

My style changes often, but currently i'm not channeling anyone, but instead have adopted richer colours (dark greens and greys), while last season I took on a more french look with skinny dark jeans, ballet flats and lots of navy and stripes!

riz said...

I dont' care what anyone says - I aspire to dress like the Olsens!

eccentric said...

Hi....enjoyed browsing through ur blog!

PS: check this link

Sage said...

major news!! I am collaborating with Allecra from 24.7 , and we are going to have 24.7 Together!! so all my link buddies should change the link to the above url, and the name 24.7 !! Goodbye MENTAL. Dont worry it will still be me writing, just on another blog. And Allecra is great so we're going to have lots of fun !! see you there !

Ana said...

i agree. i've always been more of a tights girl. more timeless.

Juliet said...

I*m not able to say a word of my style. It isn't finished yet :D

juliet xxx