Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Favorites From Paris

Keywords: Sci-Fi / Spanish Drama / Film Noir / High-Tech / Traditional Jewelry

Keywords: Hard Rock / Punk / Leopard Prints / Body-Con / Embellishments

Keywords: Chiffon / Embroidery / Eyelet / Dreamy Floral Prints

Keywords: Sexy Dresses / Fabric Made of Strips / Pragmatic / Simplicity / Excessive Jewelry

Keywords: Sporty Ease / Cozy-Chic Knits / Loose Silhouettes / Heraldic Flag Prints / Broderie Anglaise


riz said...

Awesome!! Again, you have great taste! I have to say that I had not really had time to pay attention to Stella M. I like the collection though I know some didn't...

Romany said...

Yeah I loved all of these shows too, nice 'key words' - trend spotting is always difficult when the collections from each season are all completely different. Lol.
I believe it's just physically impossible for ALber Elbaz to create a collection for Lanvin that's not amazing...he's one of the most influential and talented designers of today, in my opinion...

eccentric said...

I loved Lanvin, Balenciaga, Chloe and Stella M. Dramatic make-up at Lanvin, sharp edgy silhouette at Balenciaga was great!