Monday, August 6, 2007

Celebrity Invasion Into The Fashion World

The latest round of celebrity fashion lines come from different directions. Cheap to expensive, rock chic to romantic, models to actors. Some of you have had enough of the celebrity-turned-designer mania. But the celebs are non stopping, it seems like they’re starting fahion lines every second. Some of the collections are better than the others so please comment which one you liked and didn’t like...

Kate Moss for Topshop

Kate Moss launched her first collection for Topshop this spring; eclectic capsule collection of effortlessly cool, signature pieces, inspired by Kate’s wardrobe. Mixing rock ‘n’ roll chic with bohemian charm. Kate and the Topshop team worked together to capture her unique sense of style, and the collection mirrored her edgy, playful attitude. “Kate knows instinctively what feels right.” Jacqui Markham at Topshop said about her design skills. "Kate has a unique position as a true fashion icon and I look forward to helping develop 'Kate Moss for Topshop' into a global brand," said Sir Philip, Topshop’s head man, who took a personal role in striking the deal. Away from the catwalk, Ms Moss' own wardrobe choices have given her a reputation for setting new fashion trends. In recent years she has been credited with sparking the return to fashion of skinny jeans, mini-dresses and hot-pants. “I have loved working with Topshop, they have given me complete creative freedom throughout the process. I am excited to see my range launch.” said Kate Moss.

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The Row by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The trend-setting power of the Olsens is undeniable, they create their own unique ways of dressing. When they launched their self-funded line ‘The Row’ last year the world took notice. The high-end line includes 28 knitwear basics of exceptional quality. The t-shirts are made of fine modal knit and have only one seam in the center back, so they drape perfectly on the body. Due to the success of the spring items, the designers have expanded the fall collection to nearly twice as many pieces. The celebs are big fans - Selma Blair, Kirsten Dunst and Vanessa Traina have all been seen in The Row designs.
In fall the Olsens will launch a new lower priced line called Elizabeth and James (named after their younger siblings). The line will be available this month at Neiman Marcus, Intermix and Bergdorf Goodman.

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Twenty8Tvelve by S.Miller

Sisters Sienna and Savannah Miller launched their spring/summer Twenty8Twelve by S. Miller collection in late July. Sienna said the inspiration was “Patti Smith, Keith Richards, free-thinking, radical people who aren’t influenced by others”. The collection includes well-cut coats with pleated skirts, printed silk dresses, cotton tees and tanks, tailored pants, cropped tuxedo jackets and lovely blouses done in collaboration with artist David Cooper who designed the print. Savannah graduated from the Central Saint Martins in London four years ago. A source told Grazia magazine last year, “Sienna has great fashion sense but Savannah is the one with the real design talent. She was a star pupil at college and the label's bound to be successful.” The sisters are working together to make sure that everything is perfect because of Sienna's high media profile. A Twenty8Twelve shop is opening in London in the first week of September which will also sell products made by their friends. The collection will be sold at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman in the US.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten

Sarah Jessica Parker brings us clothing to the masses at affordable prices (every piece is under $20) in her clothing line Bitten exclusively sold at Steve & Barry’s. The summer Bitten collection made its debut on June 7th. The line consists of over 400 clothing items and accessories such as knit shirts, cashmere sweaters, dresses, jackets, t-shirts, swearshirts, denim, handbags, jewelry, belts and shoes. Sarah Jessica decided to collaborate with Steve & Barry’s to create high-quality sportswear for women of all ages and sizes. Bitten reflects Sarah Jessica’s personal sense of style and taste, with her own serving as the inspiration for the majority of the pieces. In an interview with Glamour magazine, she reveals that her clothes “are not setting a trend. We’re not Balenciaga. They’re well-made clothes that feel of-the-moment.” And that she didn’t name the brand after herself “I’m not pretending that these are clothes from my closet. Or that this is Carrie Bradshaw.”

Mónica & Pénelope Cruz for MNG by Mango

Monica and Penelope Cruz launched their new winter clothing collection for Spanish store Mango in July. The limited-edition line will hit stores in September. The collection will feature a mix of red-carpet-inspired evening wear, jeans, knits and daywear based on vintage pieces from their own wardrobes. “The collection caters for all kinds of women, from a 16-year-old girl to a woman of 40,” says Mónica Cruz. Penélope adds, “The entire collection has a very vintage feel. Some of the ideas we got from books from the 50s and 60s”. “We are very happy with the results of the collection. In fact, we have been wearing Mango clothes for years, but now we intend to wear all the items in this collection,” says Penélope. “We wanted to recreate items that we really like, many of them vintage, that we have always wanted to wear”.

dVb by Victoria Beckham

Victoria says her burgeoning lifestyle brand, dVb, was her logical step after a successful two-year collaboration with Rock & Republic jeans. Victoria has now developed her debut denim collection under the name ‘dVb denim’. Victoria says, "I've loved denim since I can remember and for a long time couldn't find what I consider to be the perfect pair of jeans, so it was important for me to develop a collection that embodied all the qualities I look for in a fantastic pair. I wanted to go back to basics to achieve an elegant and tailored feel. I want women to look and feel great when they wear them." First drops from this capsule collection came in stores in June, but the main collection will be dropping from September onwards.

If I say my own opinion I thought the Kate Moss collection for TopShop was pretty great, I managed to get a pair of skinny jeans. I liked most of the clothes, but I didn't like how she wasn't really creative - just recreated something she had in her closet. As for The Row, the clothes are basic quality knit - nothing new but they were well designed. I just loved the Twenty8Twelve collection, the clothes were beautifully designed with amazing details. There has been mixed opinions about Sarah Jessica's Bitten line, I wasn't in love with the whole sports-wear idea but I managed to see some cute clothes. The Cruzes for MNG was really romantic with a vintage vibe, I liked it a lot. Then there's the was supposed to be made of some luxurios Japanese denim but there has been rumours that the jeans are cheap looking. I didn't think they were that fabolous but there weren't many pictures on the web, so I can't say much as I haven't seen the whole collection.


Kim said...

i personally love the kate moss collection, especially the mini-dress! it may be the case that her designs come straight from her closet but even so, i find them super creative and adaptable for everyday wear.

this is a great blog! keep up the good work!

Emily ♥ said...

I am usually not very impressed by the celebrity lines. I feel like half the time, they aren't even interested in fashion design... they just want some extra money (and like they need it.)

Although, I really like Kate Moss for TopShop. (:

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Loved this post! You really did your research. I like anything by MaryK and Ash O.


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amazing post as always. i really want something from twenty8twelve but i cant find it anywhere. love this blog.

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Oh my!! they look like twins... penelope and monica

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Its crazy how all these clebs want to design!
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haha love the clothes! but i must say kate moss for topshop was a bit of a disappointment :[

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This is a fabulous and insightful post that combines everything!
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