Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Most Beautiful Polishes

I love nail polishes, I feel so glamorous to have a beautiful shade on my nails. Maybe it’s sounds weird but I can’t explain why I feel that way. The trends that have been really ‘in’ the past year are probably bright red and the dark purple/black. I personally think that the black is pretty much out, it’s time to move on to new trends. Dark sparkly, shimmery polishes are going to be big this fall in red, blue and silver tones. Some bright colors will work too and the nudes are always a safe choice if you don’t want to take risks.


From burgundy to metallic silver. Left to right: NARS Cosmetics Nail Polish in Gimme Shelter; Lancôme 'Le Magnetique' Nail Lacquer in Bourdeux Esmee; OPI Brights Nail Lacquer in OPI Ink; MAC Nail Lacquer in Nightfall.


Bright orange to apple red. Left to right: Tropez Super Pearl Nail Enamel in Miami Pearl; Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Nail Lacquer in 96 Tropical Rose; OPI Nail Polish Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It; CoverGirl Boundless Color Nail Polish in Candy Apple.


From pearly white to toffee brown. Left to right: OPI Kyoto Pearl Nail Varnish; OPI Nail Polish in Italian Love Affair; Essie Polish in Congo Bongo; OPI.


jackie ♥ said...

love the darks.

penelope said...

great post!!!
wearing the last OPI nude polish u've shown=p great picks!!

Emily ♥ said...

Great post!
I have been obsessed with nail polish lately, really.

I just bought: Black Onyx & Birthday Babe (a silver) from OPI, Lady Minx (a berry color) & Kid Orange from MAC.

penelope said...

thanks for d comment! haha. cant believe the high st miss out on the fab trend!! we shall cont to look yer??!


coco said...

i think i like darks and nudes best
great idea for a post

Diana Coronado said...

Love darks and opal pink.

fashionistakay said...

I defintely like the light pink shades. They're just so feminine and soft.Very pretty!

Ana said...

love the darks
and its true...some dark red nails can make you feel sophisticated

Jennifer said...

I love especially orange and red i've turned into a nail polish junkie again:P

Kat said...

Never thought about nail polish trends! Good idea and it so true, whenever I do my nails , I feel so glamerous. My personal favourite are Chanel polishes - they last so long.
Your blog makes for great reading