Friday, November 30, 2007

Shopping For Knits

This post is kind of an sequel of the previous post about this seasons knitwear. Here are affordable versions of the knit trends.

I love the cowl neck detail on Alice + Olivia Cashmere Cowl Dress $264 from ShopBop (left). K.A.7 by Katayone Adeli Thermal Sweater Dress $248 from ShopBop (center), is a great classic knit dress. The Nora Hooded Wrap Sweater $43.50 from Delias (right), can be worn with jeans and a long sleeve shirt underneath or sleeveless with tights.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Xavier Sweater $368 from ShopBop (left) is a pricier option, but a great statement chunky knit cardigan. Kimchi & Blue Snowflake Stitch Sweater $68 from Urban Outfitters (center) is oversized and cosy. It's perfect with black tights and high platforms. The Kimchi & Blue Arcadia Sweater Coat $88 from Urban Outfitters (right) is practical and looks great with a chinched belt.

Alexander Wang Tiger Intarsia Cardigan $649 from ShopBop (left) has a gorgeous tiger pattern. On with the animals, the Lux Equestrienne Sweater $58 from Urban Outfitters (center) is adorable. Lux Star Intarsia Sweater $34.99 from Urban Outfitters (right) has a quirky pattern.

Check out the knitwear runway looks in the previous post for some styling tips.

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-S said...

patterned knits is so mccartney (as in stella). as much as i love stella mccartney's designs, snowmen and penguins have no need to be on an adult's sweater.

riz said...

S ^^ Yes what's up with the overly priced Chanel Penguin Sweater???? J'Adore what say you?

Kaye said...

s and riz, you just reminded me of Irina's "penguin situation" video! Hilarious indeed. But I know what you mean- why would I want penguins on a CHANEL when I could probably get something similar at high street prices!

Sweater dresses with completely opaque blk tights always look great in my opinion!

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

My obsession.


riz said...

Kaye - totally agree with you. J'Adore and Patent - I really have to say that Chunky knits are one of the next generation of modern classics! Good intuition!

Cris Lazoru said...

Love the chunky ones!


atelier said...

for the cold winter days, I prefer the chunky ones

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

love knits!!!