Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This Seasons Knitwear

Walking the streets of rain and snow this time of year is no fun, but a cosy knit sweater makes all the difference and can warm you up in those cold days. This seasons knitwear come in three different versions, sexy, chunky and patterned.


Body-conscious sweaters and dresses in fine knits are an elegant version of the knit trend. Short knit dresses look great with black tights and ankle boots. Wear with statement accessories to give some details.


The seasons big and chunky knitwear is cosy yet sophisticated. Wear them with platforms to balance out the extra width, and a belted waist for a feminine shape.


The best way to wear bold patterned knits i oversized, it just doesn’t look right when in actual size. Wear with high pumps to look stylish rather than nerdy, flats don’t work with this trend.

Neck detail

Don’t wanna take things too far, but still work the knit trend? Then opt for an oversized scarf, whether it’s a giant chunky one from Giles, patterned from Stella McCartney or just added neck detail in a Michal Kors’ cowl neck knit sweater.

Photo courtesy: style.com


Juliet said...

i wouldn't like to say this out loud but i guess i'm a 'sexy' - kind os girl :'D ..

i really like the trend. knits have been for a long time one of my special favorites and it warms my heart to get all this variety of them at my hands .

juliet xxx

riz said...

I need to get more full-body knits! And I just love them in grey...

SICK. said...

the chanel penguin sweater and the stella mccartney polar bear fairisle sweater dominate the sweater section of my heart. but the king will always, forever, be alexander wang.


atelier said...

I love that material, it's so warm! I like it because we can only have it during the winter, so when it arrives, I am already looking forward to wearing knit wear, and of course, I am in love wiht Giles scarves