Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Skating Skirt

Inspired by ice skating figures, the skating skirt is a must this fall. The leading man of this trend is Christopher Kane (above), who showed voluminous dresses and skirts for fall/winter 07. They “were inspired by Scarlett O’Hara in ‘Gone with the Wind’ but made more modern for today – very short and sexy, focusing on a very tight, small waist”, says Tammy Kane, his sister and collaborator.
The definition of the skating skirt is high-waisted, short and flowy with a hemline that hits above the knee. Wear with a fitted top or a slightly loose blouse, and cinch your waist with a wide belt (like Ashley Olsen, above) to balance out the volume. Complete the look with black opaques and sky-high pumps.
A super short and flared skirt in strong colour or metallics is great for the risk taking. But for the ones who want to keep things simple, a longer, relaxed skirt is a more casual alternative.
What’s great about the skating skirt, is the variety. You can wear it with structured shirts, loose blouses, vests, light knitwear or printed or simple t-shirts to create lots of different looks.

Sophia Kokosalaki showed the skating skirt with layering a knit turtleneck, black blazer and a white vest. At Missoni the skirt was paired with matching dark grey tights, a loose blouse and a cropped jacket. Danielle Scutt had more glam going on with a metallic shirt tucked into a pink skirt.

Don’t expect the trend to go away anytime soon, because the skirts were also featured in the spring/summer 08 shows. Change the look for spring and go bare legged (if you can pull it off). Also, swap the wide belt for a thin waist belt – and don’t forget the high heels!

Get the Look

For a basic version of the skirt check out Derek Lam’s Flippy Felt Skirt $1250 from Net-A-Porter. For a trendier option, the Pu Swing Skirt $60, from Topshop is similar to Christopher Kane's leather skating skirt. Wanna go glam? Then try Theory’s Liddy Skirt $325, from ShopBop. It's perfect with it's structured shape. Go to Topshop online for more styles.


jackie ♥ said...

great post!

love the skating skirt!


Juliet said...

I love the trend, I've been looking for a skirt like that ( or skirts ) but cause my shopping has lately been just online I've skipped and decided to wait that I can actually try it on me.

I think this could be a longer time trend, it has a lot of the classics elements and it's quite easy to make it work with different kind of styles.

juliet xxx

Kaye said...

That's a new take on it (for me)- I've always just considered it to be a skirt rather than categorizing it as a skating skirt per se! it looks super easy to dress up or down!

Your blog is fab! I love that you seem to have a trend focus- great coverage! I've linked you back doll!

The Clothes Horse said...

Ashley rocks the skating skirt look. Obviously very wearable.

riz said...

I'm amazed how much innovative interpretations there are in fashion that come from ice skating...Lovely blog. We should link!

atelier said...

You can't really find that kind of skirt in affordable shops like Zara, here in Spain, but I am sure they'll have it soon. Probably this summer is when this trend will explote. Great post.

WendyB said...

Very cute style...I feel like it's been around in various forms for a while though. I have a McQueen skirt from a couple of years ago that's like a longer version of this. I think I'll stick with the longer version...the short ones are pretty scary in a gust of wind!

lalaliu said...

i definately want to find myself a skirt like this now that I am in my "anti-pants/pro-skirts" phase. I'm pretty apprehensive about wearing them during windy days. Flashing my granny panties would not be a pretty sight :P

coco said...

Ashley looks so great in it
I loved this post
the layout and pics are fab!

-S said...

i love the trend, bu i would want one in a more heavier fabric, as looking like a 12 year old in a short lightweight skirt that flips up with the wind is really not the best of looks.

SICK. said...

ashley obviously rocks it.
there's a really adorable skater dress at american apparel in a shiny material, and a green one that mary-kate wears in january's NYLON magazine.


Nicole Then said...

Oh, it's so girly! Nice ;)

fashionista said...

Ooh, I love the skating skirt. So feminine. Love it, especially on Ashley.

Fabulous blog.