Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New York Fashion Week Fall 08

Well, now that New York Fashion Week is finished and London's already started, I'm gonna post a few of my favourites collections from NY. But since there has been so many reviews on other blogs, I'm just gonna make it a quick read with a few favourite looks from each collection.

Alexander Wang was dark and mysterious and I loved the kind of raw tomboy look. It was maybe a bit too slouchy for my taste as I liked the spring collection better, but it was still really good. Loved the leather vest and all the body-con skirts which gave a bit of femininity.

From the darkness to the light and lovely collection of BCBG Max Azria. I loved all the mild colours, and the leather belts really gave the final touch to the outfits. Lubov Azria (BCBG's creative director) said backstage that the collection was wearable and clean, which is a good description, I think.

I didn't think that the whole collection itself was amazing at Behnaz Sarafpour, but there were many great outfits. The main thing I liked were all the colours and prints. Some pieces had an added glam to them, like the dress far right.

Jeremy Laing had basic shapes and cuts. The collection included both loose, almost oversized dresses and trousers and then also tight, body-con dresses. I loved the front zip on the dresses to right. It was a pretty simple collection, nothing too showy, but it also had really interesting pieces in between.

Oh my, how I loved Karen Walker. It was a bit 'messy', as the inspiration was children clothes from the Victorian and Edwardian eras mixed with street culture. The colours were bright with beautiful old floral prints. Walker is a master in mixing different looks and making it work and this show was no exception.

Y & Kei's collection was romantic but nothing too frilly as the shapes were pretty classic. The florals had a modern twist and were a bit arty, like a beautiful painting. I loved the styling, the prints made a big statement when paired with all black.

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emsie said...

thank you for pointing out my mistake, you're quite right

i'm not sure why i thought it was phillip lim, i get confused quite easily!

pretty collages :)


riz said...

thanks for this - it's so hard to look at EVERYTHING =) I love Jeremy Laing and BCBG is always perfect.

discothequechic said...

Alexander Wang is on a roll isn't he?

Everybody seems to be talking about him, but I can't object, I love too much!

Secretista said...

I'm a fan of the tied belts.

Poppycock Thoughts Blogger said...

I really enjoyed BCBG. Nice blog.

SICK. said...

alexander wang is the king of my fashion world.


Fashionista said...

One of my favourite shows of all this Fashion Week has been Alexander Wang. I like that whole grunge revival but with that feminine take.

Loves it!