Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Break

I'll be taking a break for a while. I hate to post crappy, short posts just to post something.
I'm just too busy at the moment and will probably be for a month or so.
I just wanted to let everybody know so they don't have to check for updates in the meantime. But be sure to check again in early May.

Take care!


fashionistakay said...

Its totally understandable, and I will def be looking for a new post in May. You take care too!

Fashion Ivy said...

Enjoy yourself

Romany said...

Aww no! :( Have a good break, make the most of it (there's just not enough time in the blogging world, is there?)! :)

Sunniva said...

I understand, it's been like that for me aswell a few times
still, can't wait till you're back again
your posts are always great !
you take care too sweetie !


Juliet said...

Well, I guess then I'll just have to wait.

<3 have fun though !

juliet xxx

Lina said...

I understand. Hope you be back soon, I love your blog!

//Lina, a fan from Sweden

Kaye said...

I hope the break is going to be good and refreshing! I'll be sure to check back next month!

Charlotte said...

Why! I have just discovered you blog and I love it!
I'll be waiting for your return

dulcegal said...

i love so much this Sarah Jessica Parker's picture you have!! :)

Nicole Then said...

be back soon!

chloe van paris said...

what you say is true sometimes it's better to wait to write new post.I love your blog
do you want to share link with me ?
have a look to my french art@fashion blog.

Ana said...

Come back soon

fash said...

are you back yet? it's early may and i can't wait for a new blog! i began my own whilst you were gone, i think it was through withdrawal.


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